Ozone Factsheets

Five 'Factsheets' summarising our current understanding of the mechanisms and processes contributing to tropospheric ozone pollution, as well as the state-of-the-art of measuring, modelling and assessing ozone effects have been produced by the network. The Factsheets aim at providing both general overviews for stakeholders such as policy decision makers, regulators and the general public, and links to further information or materials for students or other interested groups.

The factsheets can be downloaded here as PDF documents. If you would be interested in receiving printed versions of the Factsheets for educational use or for distribution in your organisation, please use the contact form.


FS1: Ozone Monitoring

FS2: Ozone Modelling

FS3: Ozone Effects on Human health

FS4: Ozone Effects on Agricultural Crops

FS5: Ozone Effects on Ecosystems

Ozone monitoring ozone modelling Health effects of Ozone Agricultural and crop-effects of ozone Ecosystem effects